“An Agency Built by Seattle Engineers”        

-Kyler Frisbee, Founder

We are a Contingent Agency and are paid only upon the successful completion of the “search assignment.”

We provide candidates for Direct Hire Positions Only.

A candidate offered one of our direct hire position goes directly on the client company payroll as a Full-time Employee.
Currently, we do not staff contract positions.

Tech Staffing is not a core competency of most companies, so our firm specializes in discovering, vetting, and attracting elite technology professionals to our clients’ organizations.  We have placed some of the most respected engineers in high-impact positions to innovate and lead global companies that touch millions of lives every day.

Seattle Tech companies seeking exceptional talent face a highly competitive market, increasingly so in the Greater Seattle Area.  Hiring the wrong person can be a costly mistake.  As a Seattle Tech Staffing company, we are closely acquainted with both our prominent and blossoming neighbors, as well as the challenges and opportunities we face in the Seattle tech community.  We know the questions to ask, and are able to quickly and effectively assess candidate credentials.  These insights allow us to consistently recruit the right candidates.

We are not a “spray and pray” tech staffing firm…We believe it takes both a personalized and technical approach to match the right candidate with the right company.  We understand that our clients and candidates are equally important.  Which is why we spend a tremendous amount of time building strong relationships and go beyond the written job description to fully comprehend the nuances of requirements, corporate culture and our candidate’s needs and goals.  Great care is taken to understand and appreciate our represented candidates’ expertise, experience, career plans, along with their compensation and environmental requirements.