Your own confidential Career Agent – Artificial intelligence

More accurate in matching candidates to opportunities than 99% of Human Recruiters.

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Anonymous Candidate Matching recommends careers based on skill and culture match by reading your resume.  Allowing your job search to be private while being matched to the most compelling opportunities.


Build a quick account with just your resume.  Provide simple info to our backend secured by ADP.   Use of the service is anonymous until you choose to apply for a role.  At which time you will be discretely contacted by a staffing consultant who will set you up with a call  Directly with the hiring manager of the companies with which you’re matched. 

All clients give us permission to submit candidates for direct review by Hiring Managers.   Our AI software is state of the art in auto-tagging via natural language processing to determine culture and technical fit in an incredibly precise manner.

Enjoy the privacy of matching your resume to 3 of the opportunities you seek while remaining anonymous until you submit your application.

If you want to use this software for your company.  Please reach out to and I’ll email intro you to the engineers who built the software.  Functions supported by 22 API’s.

Available Positions include: