With over 17 years as a Venture Capitalist, Dan Levitan of Maveron LLC, encourages entrepreneurs to dream big and be very aspirational.  He points out that the most success founders have been extremely aspirational in their belief they could create a multimillion or multibillion dollar business.

With some of his most notable investments including Ebay, Groupon, and Zulily, Dan and his team at Maveron help entrepreneurs to fulfill their BIG dreams.

In his first television interview, he joins host Mike Grabham for the first episode of Start IT Seattle, to share his tremendous wisdom with Seattle’s founders and aspiring entrepreneurs.

This interview covers a vast amount of information.  Mike and Dan discuss what Venture Capital is, how companies and founders can go about acquiring the right funding partner, and what to expect after the check is deposited into that business account.

Dan shares his deep insight regarding what makes a great entrepreneur and how he measures whether a founder, a startup, or an idea are right for a Maveron investment.  Which in the industry of consumer facing brands, is a stamp of quality and serious potential.

As members of the studio audience, we received a first hand testimony from Dan on the  key elements which have been crucial in his success.  His quick lesson on mentorship had me on the edge of my seat, internally taking stock of the mentorship which has been elemental for me as well.

The new Kiro 7 television show, Start IT Seattle, has already made an enormous impact on the lucky 20 who were invited to be part of the studio audience.  As many in the audience are current and aspiring founders, learning from one of America’s greatest business leaders was a great leap forward for our businesses and ideas.

This interview marks the first of hopefully many more to come, as Mike’s next guest will be Rich Barton, who Mr. Levitan quoted by saying, “Seattle is an amazing place for technology startups, though I do agree with Rich when he said he wished Seattle Entrepreneurs had just a little more Swagger.”  Challenge accepted gentlemen.