Why does Society focus on recruiting their own employees?

Because it has made them one of the top 100 places to work for in Washington…#12 to be exact.

“Our history makes us who we are. We are generous yet hard-charging.  Thoughtful yet tenacious, consistently voted one of the best places to work in WA.  We pursue unrivaled talent and engage them for long-term software jobs. We invest in our team with the latest technology and techniques.  We deliver beyond client expectations with exceptional integrity.

We celebrate these accomplishments together and forge relationships that strengthen our company’s culture.  Like our race team we thrive in a fast pace environment.  We face challenges and conquer them with teamwork and a passion to perform.

We are proud of where we have been and what we have accomplished as a team.

We are team Society, come transform your career with us.”

Narrated by John Bergen

President at Society Consulting

For almost 6 years Society Consulting has been providing a fantastic environment for some of technology’s best and brightest.  By creating a culture that employees and consultants want to be a part of, Society has been able to provide the most innovative solutions for their clients.  With a fresh perspective toward every project, they continually go above and beyond their clients expectations.  They are experts in some of the most valuable practices in technology today, including Big Data, Analytics, Mobile and much more.

From the moment I walked into their office I could tell there was something special about Society 

While interviewing Co-Founder and VP of Business Development, Josiah Johnson, I learned that their recruiting doesn’t stop once the employee enters the company.

As an external recruiter I meet people who are looking to leave their companies for one reason or another.  Often I find multiple people leaving the same company at the same time.  When this company is a client of mine, I go straight to its leadership and educate them on what they are about to lose.  However, this is not a typical practice in our industry and most of the time their company has no idea they are unhappy until they leave.

Society Consulting understands this dilemma and they’ve built their culture by solving this problem.  They knew from the beginning that a company is only as good as the sum of its parts, especially a technology consulting firm.  So building a great culture is paramount for long-term success on software jobs.  One of the first positions the leaders at Society Consulting put in place was that of an Engagement Manager.  Every employee gets assigned an Engagement Manager during the on-boarding process.

“This person’s sole responsibility is to check in monthly with every employee they are assigned to discuss career planning, satisfaction, and company culture.  This person acts as the voice of the employee to bubble up any concerns to the executive team. This practice has resulted in less than a 5% attrition rate.”

For Society, recruiting is a continual process with employee satisfaction their being their focus.  Their Engagement Manager acts as an internal recruiter, determining what may be missing in an employees work life, in order to fill those needs as they arise.

As the team at Society is learning, a company can save millions of dollars in recruiting fees, on-boarding costs, and training if they are willing to find out what their employees are missing before they choose to leave.  This creates a culture that emphasizes to the employees, “We want to take care of you.  Just let us know how we can do better.”

The extreme care and concern they have for their employees is genuine and that same attitude and care is provided to their clients.  With a great team and fantastic environment to work in, the team at Society Consulting has what it takes to exceed expectations on all infrastructure or software jobs to pioneer innovation for their clients now, and in the future.