In a WTIA (Washington Technology Industry Association) event recently, a panel discussed a few Disruptive Technologies that arebeing developed in Seattle and around the globe.  4 Panelists shared samples of their expertise and discussed how their work is disrupting the industry its in.  One spoke about developing keg-like containers for vaccinations which can last up to 45 days in African heat.  Another shared their work in advancing assisted-driving/driverless car technologies.  The most impactful technology for my business was from a Seattle based Company MosaicTrack.  They are building on top of IBM’s Watson A.I. technology and using Watson’s Natural Language Processing to automate Recruiting.  Optimal Tech Staffing is utilizing MosaicTrack’s innovative manipulation of Watson’s capacity to find the best Software Engineers in the world.

MosaicTrack’s software has allowed my company to increase efficiency by over 500%.  Based on their communication styles we are able to match up qualified engineers with compelling projects and companies.  No longer do we need to scour for hours to locate a semi qualified candidate.  Perhaps, nearly as astute as Sherlock Holmes’ accommodating assistant, Watson technology will uncover Engineers who fit the role technically and for the first time perhaps, culturally.

As a New Boutique Seattle Firm, Optimal Tech Staffing’s revenue is currently less than $1 million annually.  This being said, MosaicTrack has provided us with software that gives us more time doing the things we love to do, mostly meeting new people while hanging out with our old people.  For this we are thankful to all of the contributors of great companies like MosaicTrack, IBM, and Optimal Tech Staffing.