“Here at Tango Card we do three things extremely well.  We create phenomenal technology, we find the best rewards for our clients to give their customers, and we are extremely focused on Service.”

Imagine you get a gift card as a reward for doing great work, but when you venture to redeem your gift, you must select from a group of products that are outdated because they obviously didn’t sell in retail stores.  This has been a common problem for millions of people and thousands of companies who want to reward their employees and customers.  Tango Card is stepping up to solve this problem. 

No longer will employees or customers have to choose from an outdated warehouse, where products go to die.  Tango Card provides the opportunity for companies to give their VIP gift cards/mini shopping sprees, at their favorite stores and with their favorite brands.

Instead of selecting an outdated blender that could barely blend water, you may find yourself in NikeTown or Nordstrom, stocking up on the latest fashion, or perhaps you have a special someone you’d like to take out.  Well thanks to your company, if they are Tango Card clients, you can pick up flowers from 1-800-flowers and catch a flick with Fandango.

Tango Card is modernizing the way companies give incentives.  Whether it’s for customers or employees, Tango Card knows rewards.

David Leeds is Creating a Dynamic Culture Using Some Lessons He Learned From His Mentors.

It’s pretty amazing, thinking of all the mentors I’ve had along the way.”

While discussing mentorship with David it became evident, his mentors not only changed his work, but also what he thought about mentorship as well.

His first mentor was a stickler for detail, the type of guy who wouldn’t even read a report if the heading wasn’t highlighted properly.  “I still have that same mentality today, knowing that detail matters.”  David is now the type of CEO/Manager that proofreads power points before they go out to clients, even ensuring that each sentence has a period following it.

The second mentor he mentioned was a manager he had in France.  The lesson he learned there, was that in almost every company there is a tendency to point the finger and assign blame to someone else.  David said that when he was working for this company in the US, the team there would blame the European team.  Then when he moved to France he saw that the French team was doing their best, but they would point blame to the Americans.  He realized then that regardless of the finger pointing from across the water, everyone shared the same goals.  From that point on he has focused his teams on finding the shared goal between them.

The third mentor taught him to ask the hard questions.  “He was a hard-ass.”  He was able to think through the key issues and ask the important questions.  This process taught David by making him think about things that he may not have thought all the way through or maybe even not have thought about at all.  “He has never been a rubber stamp, ever.  He now makes me better, he makes the team better and he makes the board better.”

In looking at these mentors we found the better David became, the more he appreciated and looked for mentorship.  From an overbearing boss’s attention to detail, to finding a shared vision in France, and on to learning the value of being sharpened by iron, David Leeds is a great example of what mentorship can provide.

“I received all kinds of help at various times in my career, and now I’d like to be a great role model and give back.”

Thank you Mr. Leeds, my time with you has been very Rewarding.