Imagine you build a great mobile application that you know people will love…

You want to get it out to as many people as possible and with this intention you begin to make deals with bloggers, internet marketers, and other online publications.  Say you choose 15 publications to promote your app, for each paid download you offer your partners a share of the purchase price or profit.  Now, at the end of the biggest month your app has had, you’ve had an enormous amount of downloads and made an enormous amount of money.  The only problem is that you now have 15 people writing you invoices based on each of their own tracking software.  You have no idea how to tell who is accurate and who is not, and now you are paying out profit shares to publishers without any way to validate their contribution to your success.  

HasOffers provides analytics software that will track each of the 15 publishers, their results, and calculate the shares of profits that they have earned.  What once was an inefficient and cloudy way of promoting your products and services is simplified and streamlined.  They provide one platform to track and pay all of your publishers across the web.

HasOffers is quickly becoming known for their fantastic culture with beautiful offices, catered meals, and intuitive technology.  These innovators are implementing solid strategy to build their team in a very competitive market.  Their culture is engaging and dynamic and now they are giving chances to people who statistically have had a tough time getting started.

How do you select the right people when none of the candidates have any professional experience in their background?

Sabrina Oldham, recruiting manager at HasOffers, says, “Passion!  We measure a person’s level of passion by what they are doing outside of their school work.”  Do they have side projects?  Are they involved in outside activities that relate to their field of study?  Are they attending events to stay current or meet people in their industry?  This is how students can put themselves over others who are just doing the standard coursework.

Sabrina, like many others, recognizes the need for companies and educators to work together to bridge the ever growing canyon that separates college from the workforce.  She recently attended a ten person think-tank that was spearheaded by the Dean of the Arts and Sciences School at the University of Washington, to determine what students and graduates can do to get connected with the right opportunities that utilize their education.  They also discussed what can be done to prepare people for the transition from school to their career.

Sabrina and her team are helping bridge the gap from college to career for 15 interns who were selected from 3 UW Career Fairs.  They selected these students from the Career Fairs based on their belief that the passionate and engaged individuals would be at these events.

She encourages other companies to do the same in developing entry level programs and internships to connect with students, advisors, and teachers.  One great solution to the “graduate fall-out” is pairing companies who want to provide a solution and bring on great talent with the schools that are preparing students for the big picture of professional life.

These companies will have access and, potentially, first rights to some of the most talented students.  They will also have the opportunity to cultivate and train these young people in the way they see best fit.  Their culture will flourish as new ideas and energy is introduced to their company.  Fresh ideas come with fresh faces.

There is a reason why the team at HasOffers is having tremendous success.  It is because of the wonderful people that fill their halls.  With their new internship program we can all be sure that their fresh ideas and amazing culture will cultivate long term success.  They have begun work adding to the bridge that connects college to career, and I wonder what other companies will join them in the work that desperately needs to be done?