Imagine that you’ve built a website, where your friends at college could connect with their friends.  A virtual hangout where you could learn more about people you just met, and a place where you could keep up with what your friends are doing.   You build a website and a few hundred people log on, build profiles and begin connecting.  All the functions run through one server that you store in your dorm room.  It’s easy to maintain the flow of information and easy to cover the overhead of operations. 

Then, almost overnight, your little website begins to register thousands of new profiles a day.  You have no idea how to manage such a high traffic website with immense amounts of data flowing back and forth between your website and its user-base.   It is now impossible to manage all of this data within your dorm room.  What do you do?

 If your company is in the United States, Singapore, Hong Kong or Indonesia then you call WowRack.  WowRack builds, maintains, and hosts Infrastructure for some of the most successful companies in the United States and around the Globe.  Whether your company is just a start up in your dorm room or an enterprise giant that spans the globe connecting billions of people, WowRack can customize a solution to fit your company’s individual need.

With their dedicated focus on service, they are able to accommodate an expansive array of infrastructure technologies, from hosting and building public/private custom cloud solutions to providing hardware and deploying new services with 24 hours.  They also have expert engineers to monitor, maintain, and build these unique solutions around the clock 24/7 x 365.  With all of the fantastic service they provide it’s amazing that they are still so focused on maximizing budgets and working within their client’s specific economic limits.  All of this separates them from their competition.

Imagine you want to purchase a car.  WowRack is only dealership with every make, model, and price range available on the market.  And they are the only dealership that is truely budget sensitive and aims to maximize efficiency.  When it comes to cloud infrastructure, WowRack has it all.  I spoke with Ed Kimm who is the head of Sales and Marketing at WowRack and he was kind enough to speak with me about what makes a great partner, and what he looks for when he considers working with someone.


Mr. Kimm’s most elegant advice is for young people to cultivate their talent.  He emphatically enlightened me with the idea that each individual has a unique view, skillset, or understanding which they need to cultivate to utilize it to the fullest.  These unique traits reveal the types of work that each individual will excel in.  When someone realizes their talents and continues to cultivate them, the value they can add continues to grow as well.  Often a talent is accompanied with a deep interest or passion for that particular talent.  When this is the case, their work becomes a joy.

This is one lesson that Mr. Kimm, who hires and cultivates talent, is passionate about sharing with his team.  As he is a leader who builds his team by building the people that are on his team.